Front Porch Wreath.jpg
Front Porch Wreath.jpg


Welcome to Quale House blog. I'm Lacey Quale the girl behind the keyboard and camera. I love sharing our projects with you and hearing all of your ideas for Quale House! I run the Shop, I'm a mom of 3 awesome boys and a wife to a fun husband who does all the projects around here.


What is Quale House? Quale house is a blog and home decor shop.


The blog is a place where we share our projects on this 5.5 acre farm we like to call Quale House Farm. We purchased this Property in October 2020 and we are slowly renovating each room and part of the property. It's a 5 bedroom / 6 bath home with a horse barn, chicken house, and lots of land to play on.



The shop is something we created in 2011 when we couldn't find any cute pillows for our house. We decided to make our own and sell them online for others too. They were a hit and the rest is history. We have run the shop from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and now Arkansas as we have moved all over the for different opportunities. The shop feels more at home here in Arkansas and has a barn waiting to be turned into the future warehouse/office space for Quale House.