Today I'm sharing a video tour of our property and some of our ideas that we are planning for this 5.5 acre farm we like to call Quale House Farm.

Welcome to our new 5.5 acre farm. I say farm but it doesn't have any animals yet. It has a pretty 5 bedroom farm style home with a horse barn, a chicken house, and a plenty of land for all our future plans and ideas. This place was once a farm full of animals and life. It has been vacant for about a year and we are so thrilled to bring life, laughter, and energy back into this property!

Some of our plans

  1. New Roof

  2. New exterior lights

  3. Paint front door black

  4. Plant Hydrangeas around the porch

  5. Plant a row of arborvitaes in front of the horse run fence

  6. Fix up chicken house and get chickens

  7. Paint interior of barn white

  8. Paint exterior of barn white and black

  9. Install a zipline

  10. Get a pool

  11. Add brick walkways around the property

  12. Turn barn into a Quale House office space and Barn Sale space

  13. Plant a big flower and vegetable garden behind the barn

  14. Plant fruit trees

  15. Pour a concrete pad for basketball, tennis, and pickleball

  16. Paint gated entrance white and replace lights

The home looks down right magical during a sunset. This is the night we looked at the home as a family. It literally had a rainbow over the house. If that's not a sign I don't know what is.

Full Video Tour

I hope you enjoy the tour. We look forward to sharing our projects and plans as we go along. Thanks for being apart of the journey!


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