Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I'm sharing our newly styled entry way today. The entry was the first area of the home I decorated. It has brought me so much peace when the rest of the house feels like a construction zone with painters tape on the walls, plastic covering furniture while we paint other rooms, and our carpet torn up before the carpet gets installed.

I'll walk you through how I layered each item in this space or you can scroll to the bottom and watch a video to see a walk though of it coming together!

Decorating matters to me

Some people say decorating doesn't matter. I think you should make a house that is full of the people you cherish most in the world feel like home. For me decorating does that. The most important people I love walk through these two doors every day. My boys when they get off the bus. Friends and family when they stop by. I want them to feel warm, welcome and love when they walk in. Every item I choose for my home I love and carefully selected and I feel like somehow you feel that love for the home when you enter it. If you have to replace a rug, a light or buy a new lamp then make it one you LOVE. Spend the extra time to sift through all the choices you feel lukewarm about. Wait for the moment when you say "That's it! That's the one."

Let's dive in to the details.

The first item I started with was this table from the Studio McGee line at Target. I measured the space and it was the perfect fit on the wall. Not too wide and not too skinny. The Mirror was a home goods find that I got years ago but I've seen them recently in store. I love the shape and style because it's unique. Next I found the perfect cream/stone colored lamp at Walmart and added a white drum shade. I then layered in this piece of art I found on Etsy and used an Ikea frame I already had on hand. Next up I layered in some books, three stacked on top of each other. A trick I always like to do is take off the covers on the books and then you can unveil the pretty solid colored books. I loved these Matte black ones. I like to face the pages out to add interest. Then I stacked some pretty wooden beads with tassels on top, also from Hobby Lobby. Last on the table I placed a white and gold metallic tray on top with a black decorative box I already had on hand. I finished the table off with a candle for ambiance and to make the space smell good right when you enter our home. I love a good candle and Fall Leaves from Bath and Body works is my absolute favorite scent. I burn it all year long. This smell feels like home to me.

I finished off the space with the perfect casual and welcome rug in a mushroom and cream stripe. Then I found two twin baskets from target to place under the table for shoes or whatever else I want to hide.

Before and After

Can you really fully appreciate a space when you haven't seen the before? Here you can see the stairs before we painted them (A staircase reveal will be coming soon). We also painted all the walls and trim Swiss Coffee at 75% and painted the doors Black Magic by Sherwin Williams in a Satin Finish. You can see the cute wreaths poking through which will be linked and shared in our Porch makeover coming next week!

S H O P T H I S E N T R Y W A Y :

I'm so happy with this space and glad there is one place in our house that feels like home. I'm glad the first space decorated was the entry because to me it's one of the most important spaces in a home.


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